Pets: Ken and Donna Lampkin Stephens

City: Conway

Job: Staff and faculty, respectively, University of Central Arkansas.

Pet: Missy, 13, border collie/Australian shepherd mix; Ruby, 10, dachshund; Chester, 1 1/2, Lab/shepherd mix; Ranger, 10, domestic shorthair.

Where/when did you meet your pet: Missy and Ruby came to us in 2005 when our son, Greg, moved to Shreveport from Conway. We were happy to inherit them and become dog owners. Ranger found us while Ken was coaching football at Ranger College in Ranger, Texas, in 2003, and he became a Conway kitty when we returned to Conway full-time. Chester’s mother, along with her six puppies, found my sister in Ouachita County in April 2012; Becky kept the mom (Lucy), and we were able to adopt out all four surviving pups in the 501 area thanks to the Faulkner County Humane Society. Chester was the mousey one of the litter; the others got most of the attention, so we wanted him. But he’s not mousey anymore! His personality has blossomed.

What’s the story behind your pet’s name: Missy and Ruby came to us with their names. Ranger is from the town in Texas where Ken last coached. Chester wound up with a fractured leg from his siblings’ roughhousing; he came home with a blue cast on his front leg and had to hop around, so we named him after Chester on the television series “Gunsmoke.”

What do you love most about your pet: All four come running when we drive in from work. They are always so happy to see us. They are good company, and they make us laugh a lot.

What’s your favorite memory with your pet: We enjoyed romping with all four in the Christmas 2012 snow, which was deeper than Ruby is tall. Missy is the dignified one; Ruby and Chester are silly; and Ranger is the independent one.

What activities do you and your pet enjoy together: Chester is a good runner, so we run together regularly. Missy and Ruby have slowed down as they’ve gotten older, but we still love to visit Laurel Park. Ranger enjoys cuddling up with us, especially on cold, rainy nights.

What’s in the future for you and your pet: Treats, trips to PetSmart and the park.

Other information: “Rescued pets are the best!”