Pet of the Month: Andi

By Stefanie Brazile

If you need help babysitting toddlers, you might want to hire Andi the border collie. Even though she is described as “chill” by her fur mom, when she finds herself around a group of kids, cats or goats, her herding trait kicks in.

Photo by Brittany Ellen Photography

“Andi is the most spoiled sweetheart,” said Makenzie Evans of Little Rock. “Border collies are energetic and very excitable, but she can be super chill when I need her to be. She’s my shadow and a Velcro pup who follows me everywhere I go.”

Seven years ago, Makenzie learned about Andi through her cousin who is a canine police officer in Conway. He told her that Andi was the runt of the litter and, at 6 months old, was still waiting to be adopted. She wanted her, and he was kind enough to take her home for a month and give her obedience training.

“When I met her, she was pretty much the size she is now,” Evans said.

She’s about 40 pounds, so the professional photographer is able to pick her up and the black and white beauty can lie on her lap. They have also traveled together. In 2021, the pair went on a car trip to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. “I loved seeing her experience new things,” Evans said. “Andi has been with me through a lot, and she’s saved my life a little bit.”

Three years ago next month, Makenzie and Ryan Byler married, and Andi was glad to adopt him into the family.

“They usually spend mornings together as he gets ready for work,” Evans said. “The first thing he usually does when he comes home from work is to lay on the floor and cuddle with her. I think she likes him better than me.”

The three of them live in Little Rock and love to go walking, kayaking and on hiking adventures. A Frisbee is Andi’s favorite outside toy and she loves to swim and lie in the sun. After a day of play, she enjoys naps on their screened porch. “She works hard and plays hard,” Evans said.

According to her mom, Andi is pretty perfect and only barks when the tornado siren test sounds on Wednesdays. She is a social pup and doesn’t mind other dogs at dog parks, unless they are too excitable, jumping around and bumping into her. Generally, she prefers interacting with humans.

But this brown-eyed girl must have some vice, right? 

“Squirrels,” Evans laughed. “She tries to chase squirrels.”

Andi isn’t allowed table food, but she is great at vacuuming crumbs and loves to munch on ice cubes.