Pet of the Month: A tail of love

After losing a beloved Jack Russell Terrier four years ago, Tana and Allen Mills were hesitant to open their heart and home again, but one night as she scrolled through Facebook posts, a sweet furry face caught her eye.

“My heart melted and my eyes leaked a little bit,” Tana said. “I just knew this girl was supposed to be with me. My husband and I had decided to wait until after the holidays to adopt, but I went ahead and inquired about her.”

Donna Clawson is the president of Friends of Faulkner County Animal Shelter and she posts available pets on Facebook and works with potential families. When Tana contacted her about the Jack Russel Terrier mix in November, Donna let her know that Daisy would be available after being spayed in a couple of weeks.

Allen is a registered nurse who works the nightshift at Conway Regional Medical Center and when he arrived home, his wife was more than excited to tell him about Daisy. An ironic twist was that the pet they had lost looked similar and her name was Sadie. “Just rearrange the letters and they are the same!” Tana said.

The first time Daisy came to their home, Tana sat in the floor to greet her. “She sat right in my lap,” the personal trainer said. “I laughed and completely knew she was my girl! She was trying to get a cat toy from my hand the whole time we talked to Donna.”

“Dai” is now her nickname and she is very smart and wants to please. Chasing Allen around the backyard is one of her favorite activities, just as it was for Sadie. “When she chased Allen, we both laughed and shook our heads at the striking resemblance.”

The pup has adapted to her new home and enjoys playing with her feline brothers named Buddy and Bear. While Buddy enjoys her energy, Bear has not embraced the antics of his younger sister as of press time. It’s probably because she enjoys chewing on squeaky toys.

The light-colored terrier also loves sunning in the backyard and walking her parents every day. Their favorite trek is the trails at Cadron Settlement Park.

“Daisy has changed our life in many good ways,” Tana said. “She sleeps with us (my husband was against it at first … ha-ha!), is always with me around the house and she goes everywhere with me.

You always have a walking partner, play buddy or just a snuggle at the right time with a dog like Dai. It’s pretty sweet!”

The Mills recommend pet adoption to anyone looking for a furry companion. “Adoption just makes you feel good!” she said.