Our sweet journey

By Laurie Green

The sweet life means lots of different things for different people. Take, for instance, my husband, Will, and I. You don’t have to hang around us very long to find out that we are both avid cruisers. The thought of being surrounded by only sky and sea is nothing short of magnificent in our opinion. It truly is the “sweet spot” in our sweet life.

What is funny about all our cruise vacations is that it never fails that we run across people who will make comments such as, “Must be nice,” or “Look at that vacation tan.” And truthfully, it is nice and we do have fantastic tans, but it’s all about the unseen perspective.

The fact is we spend the majority of the year living a life like nobody else so we can live a life like nobody else. Our vacations and tans come the old-fashioned way, by working outside all summer long. We spend far more days covered in sweat, dirt and grass clippings than we do posing in photos of saltwater and sunsets.

But that’s how perspective works. Unless you can see something from the full scope, you are bound to miss something. Perspective is EVERYTHING, and it sits in hand with my faith.

You see, that’s another fantastic thing about lawn care. Being on my mower gives me a lot of one-on-one time with Jesus. I have time to just rest and reflect on the goodness He has shown in my life. It’s allowed me time to not just memorize scripture, but to really learn it and apply it to my life. This year, I’ve been saturating myself in Isaiah 55:8-9, which appropriately is all about perspective.

The fact is, we are far from rich. I’m dressed down way more times than I’m dressed up. We struggle paycheck to paycheck, and we spend more time watching TV and turning in early than we do out on the town. I dare say we are 90 percent boring, but, oh, the perspective I have found in that other 10 percent of my life is so sweet!

I’m with my husband every day, I am loved and treasured immensely by my family and friends, and I rest fully and confidently that the Lord’s ways are higher than mine and His thoughts are far beyond anything I can imagine. I dare say under all this sweat, dirt and grass that I reside in daily lives a beloved daughter of the King who is living an abundant sweet life!

Laurie Green
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