Only a stone’s throw away

Jewelry designer Paige Nix (left) with Allie Isom.

by Don Bingham
Mike Kemp photos

What could be more lovely than the natural hues, shapes and textures of rocks!

A simple rock found in the Arkansas soil has been used in the life of Paige Nix, now of Little Rock, in her journey from difficult to victorious times, with finding therapy through the creation and design of rock-inspired jewelry.

Paige began her journey in 2008, encountering mental and emotional struggles. Being faith-based, she has a wonderful heritage of four sisters, two brothers, amazing parents and grandparents. Her struggles included relentless adjustments and a day-to-day emotional roller coaster for many years.

One of the difficult factors in any recovery is the fact that many people do not offer the time to simply “listen” and desire to be of a true help. Paige’s desire is to spread that message of “hope” while using “Rocks as a Reason” and “Rocks in Glass Houses” with her designs using polished rocks as the medium.

The collection includes drop pendants, necklaces, bracelets and other decorative pieces – each representing the road to recovery. Paige attributes her desire to “be still and know that He is God (Psalms 46:10)” as the catalyst to “get real and deal.” She uses her creations as the means to express this pathway to peace, happiness and sharing the message with others with similar challenges.

Not only are these rocks from Arkansas, but also Colorado, California and New Mexico – each different with their own unique representation of scriptural truth, representing prayer, and a platform of restoration.

For more information, contact Paige Nix at 501.350.8272 or [email protected]. 

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