Nonviolence Youth Summit planned on April 4 in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK  The highly anticipated Youth Summit which will highlight solutions to recent violence in the state and throughout the country. The Nonviolence Youth Summit will take place on Monday, April 4 at the Statehouse Convention Center, 101 East Markham in Little Rock. Admission is free and opened to the public. Doors open and registration is from 8 to 9 a.m. Early arrival is strongly recommended. Meals will not be provided for this event.

Master P Miller and son, Romeo Miller.

The mission of the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, a division of the Arkansas Department of Education, is to promote and preserve the life and legacy of Dr. King in our state; and to promote the principles of nonviolence and equality among all citizens.  Our community outreach projects are designed to promote education, an appreciation for history, and to encourage youth to engage in positive leadership development and roles within their communities.  

According to information provided by the Criminal Analyst Department of the Little Rock Police Department, there were 64 homicides in 2021, 56 of the deaths were attributed to gun violence. Ages of the victims ranged from 18-24, June and July had the highest incidents of violence. 

“The Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission is excited about the April 4 Nonviolence Youth Summit, this will be one of our largest summits,” said DuShun Scarbrough, Executive Director of the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr.  Commission. “We are preparing to host youth delegations from all four congressional districts. They will take part in workshops that promote alternatives to violence and leading positive lifestyles. As we travel the state, many leaders express their concerns about an uptick in violence after the transition to Spring.  Therefore, we want to use this opportunity to raise awareness and provide engaging opportunities for youth to learn about financial literacy, conflict resolution, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s principles of nonviolence. We will also take this opportunity to register voters. We will target youth turning 18, already 18, and 17 years old.”

Hip hop icon and Media Mogul Percy “Master P” Miller and son, Romeo Miller will be the keynote speakers for the Summit.

“The Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission is proud to welcome ‘Percy “Master P’ Miller and his son, Romeo Miller to the Nonviolence Youth Summits.  ‘Master P’ rose from the depths of poverty and heartbreak, even losing family members to senseless violence, to become one of the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs of all time,” Scarbrough said. “He is very branded, has owned a basketball team, clothing line, shoe line, cereal, potato chips. He is a business mogul, he has reimagined the ‘No Limit’ brand across several platforms.  I am glad that he is coming to share his wisdom with the community and our young people. He is proof that you can win, you can rewrite your story.   He’s here to use his platform to curb violence.”  

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