MORRILTON: ‘The hardship of veterans’

Veterans should be remembered and honored because of their loyalty to their country.  Veterans do not have easy jobs and they are way underpaid.

Many people couldn’t have the bravery and courage to be a veteran. It isn’t an easy job because you get no breaks. Most of the time, you work straight through the holidays and sometimes you work all night long. Very often, you are risking your life for U.S. citizens who rarely think to remember you.

When veterans work on the front line, they have to carry heavy equipment and answer to their leaders who may be harsh. Whether it is one man or his best friend who takes the bullet, both are wounded, at least mentally. Counseling can only do so much for those who have seen the darkest depths of war. Those who have been tortured by the enemy as well as their family members suffer great losses, whether it is a husband with a baby on the way, a young girl who has everything going for her, or a selfless man who means everything to his family and fights for their peace.

Veterans are very important and help us in our daily lives. We fail to recognize it. We should remember not only the veterans that are still living but those who served their country and never returned. Many men and women will die today in this war we are fighting and some will come back today and become a veteran.

Veterans who died and gave their lives for our country and the veterans whose family members are lucky enough to have their loved ones return home to them should all be remembered in our heads and hearts.


 Katie Green

Home: Morrilton, for about 10 years.

School: Sixth grade, Sacred Heart Catholic School.

Favorite subject: Math.

What do you enjoy most at school: I love to learn new interesting facts.

Career plans: At least four years of college after high school with a major in business; I want to start my own business.

Community activities: Basketball, Quiz Bowl, church group and dance.

Family: mom and stepdad, Tami and Robert Wiedower; dad and stepmom, Jim and Cissy Green; brother, Tyler Green; step-sister, Gracie Anders; and step-brother, Reese Anders.

Who do you admire the most: Ruth and the other selfless people in the Bible; and people who risk their lives to save others.

Most enjoyed weekend activity: Lock-ins with my church group and basketball tournaments.
Favorite quote: “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody makes it out alive anyway.”

Favorite place in Arkansas: Anywhere in Arkansas – Pine Bluff (family), Hot Springs (family), Little Rock (mall) and Morrilton (family and school).
What do you love about living in the 501: It’s a very woodsy area, and my family and I enjoy that.