Methodist Family Health offers assistance during COVID-19

To say all our lives have been disrupted is an utter understatement. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rise each day, school closings have been extended and public places are closed.

“We know how much this change can affect children and families,” said Kelli Reep with Methodist Family Health. “Whatever your family is facing right now – children at home while parents are at work, uncertainty about physical and mental health, or complete exhaustion, Methodist Family Health can help. Now.”

The agency has openings in its programs, including:

  • Acute and subacute care in Methodist Behavioral Hospital in Maumelle.
  • Subacute care in our psychiatric residential treatment centers in Bono and Little Rock.
  • Addiction rehabilitation for moms who have a dual diagnosis of a mental health issue and a substance abuse addiction in our Arkansas Centers for Addictions, Research, Education and Services. In Arkansas CARES, moms can keep their children with them while they recover.
  • Outpatient counseling in our Methodist Counseling Clinics throughout the state, either in person or via telehealth.
  • Community-based counseling, which also can be conducted either in person or via telehealth at safe, healthy locations.

Methodist Family Health is following every safety and health guideline set out by the Centers for Disease Control and the Arkansas Department of Health.

“Our team of therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, recreational therapists and other psychiatric, behavioral and emotional professionals can help you and your child manage the anxiety, stress and fear you both are facing,” said Reep. “Whether in times of national crisis or family crisis, Methodist Family Health is available to you and your family. Please contact us today or anytime you need us.”

Methodist Family Health officials can be reached at 501.803.3388 for Admissions and 866.813.3388 in case of an emergency. For information, email [email protected] or visit for tips and guidance.