Meeting planned on 2015 ArtsFest

As part of its preparation for the 2015 ArtsFest, the Conway Alliance for the Arts (CAFTA) will hold a public meeting for community members who are interested in volunteering and artists interested in selling their work during the Art Marketplace on Saturday, Oct. 3. The meeting will be held 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 23, at the Faulkner County Library on Tyler Street.

Plans for this year’s ArtsFest, scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 26, through Saturday, Oct. 3, in numerous locations around Conway, already include the opportunities for artists to display and sell their work, musical performers and hands-on activity booths for people of all ages. The public meeting will include a discussion of ArtsFest’s 2015 theme, volunteer needs and the Art Marketplace

ArtsFest chair Beth Wilson Norwood believes that attendance and participation will continue to grow for the event. “ArtsFest 2015 will be hosting many exciting events as part of the theme —STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math),” said Norwood. “This theme will allow the arts community in Conway to partner across disciplines with organizations and individuals working in the STEM sectors. As we grow, we want to encourage community members to get involved, whether it’s by selling their work, or lending a helping hand by volunteering."

“ArtsFest is a terrific opportunity for everyone in the community to participate, experience and explore public art,” said Julie Isom, volunteer coordinator for ArtsFest 2015. “Volunteers make ArtsFest possible, and we have fun too.”

Members of the community will learn about volunteer opportunities, how to sign up online and receive detailed information about the events they have to choose from this year. Several ArtsFest committee member volunteers will be on-hand with laptops to help new volunteers sign up for the event of their choice.

Coordinator for ArtsFest’s Art Marketplace, Katy Killingsworth, will lead a discussion during the meeting regarding how to apply, what determines acceptance and how artists can prepare to sell their work at the event. "The Art Marketplace encourages diversity across the spectrum of art —all makers of original creative content are welcome to apply," said Killingsworth.

Conway Alliance For The Arts (CAFTA) is an umbrella organization that includes representatives from the Conway Community Arts Association, Conway Symphony Orchestra, the Conway League of Artists, University of Central Arkansas, Central Baptist College, Hendrix College, Conway Public Schools, St. Joseph School and Conway Christian School. Its mission is to promote the arts in Conway and Central Arkansas through a unified forum. ArtsFest is a festival dedicated to that unification and to showcase the wide variety of arts and artists at work in Central Arkansas.

Contact Beth Wilson Norwood at [email protected] for information about ArtsFest, Katy Killingsworth at [email protected] about the Art Marketplace and Julie Isom at [email protected] for information about volunteering at ArtsFest 2015.