Medical software company launched

After taking their ideas through the Delta I-Fund program, the team at James Henry Inc. recently launched a new company providing consulting services and technology for healthcare. 

This technology and systematic process will help smaller hospitals, large specialty practices and outpatient surgery centers in their assessment, selection and implementation of new software technology and patient engagement.  

The name of the new company is “Healthcare Systematics.”

“This is something that happened over a luncheon conversation with two CEOs,” said James Henry President and CEO Ancil Lea. “Since we have worked with over 2,000 providers, clinics and hospitals since 1988, selling software solutions, they wanted me to ‘change’ roles and help them in their selection of new software and implementation for their hospital and outpatient surgery center.”

James Henry President and CEO Ancil Lea recently announced the creation of Healthcare Systematics.

Lea and his team developed a systematic process and business intelligence/selection technology to help make software technology decisions. They have already been working with several hospitals, surgery centers and clinics in the area.

After being approached by Winrock International about the Delta I-Fund program, James Henry applied and was accepted to prove and/or incubate this idea further. What has come out of this extensive program, is a new company and technology, said Lea. “We are announcing the formation of a company specifically to help these hospitals, clinics and surgery centers designed for making these decisions and helping see the purchase through to adoption.

“What we discovered in this DIF program is that unless you are a large healthcare entity, they don’t have the expertise or the bandwidth (time) to make the best decision regarding medical software technology, which is rapidly evolving. What we do goes beyond making a decision, but sees it through adoption and system success! They need an experienced – trusted partner to come alongside and walk them through this process and system we’ve developed, and see them succeed.”

Scot Davis, CEO of Arkansas Urology, said, “Having an expert on our team to help in the selection of software for our surgery center took the pressure off our administration and was critical for us to make the best decision for our practice.”

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