Mayflower students plan event to emphasize smart decisions

by Kiera Ester

Students at Mayflower High School have organized a club that focuses on high school students making smart decisions during the prom and graduation season.

The TADA (Teens Against Drugs and Alcohol) is a new club that got its start this school year. The club will host an alcohol awareness presentation from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Thursday. The presentation is geared toward juniors and seniors who will be attending prom on Saturday.

The presentation will consist of students participating in activities that organizers hope will change their minds about drinking and driving. The presentation will include field sobriety testing, along with a goggles and golf cart activity that will allow students to experience the effects of being under the influence while driving. Students will have the choice in which activities they wish to participate. 

“I feel that TADA is a great way to influence and educate other students at Mayflower High about what drugs and alcohol can do to your body,” said Angel Gann, a member of TADA. The club currently consists of all seniors but members are recruiting younger students.

TADA members wear T-shirts that carry the group’s message against drugs and alcohol.