Man of the Moment 2023: Trent Tipton

Growing up playing and loving sports developed into a lifelong career for Trent Tipton, Athletic Director and Director of Custodians for South Conway County School District (SCCSD).

Trent says his career decision stems from his desire to build in others the same competitive passion he had growing up. “I always played sports growing up. I loved my coaches,” he said. In his senior year, the high school basketball team took second place in the state championship game. “Even though I was not a starter, I still had the passion to compete,” Trent said, adding that competitive sports instill basic characteristics important in real life.

Beyond instilling those values in the kids he coaches, helping make improvements to the athletic facilities in Morrilton has been among his most rewarding efforts. 

“Our community passed a millage increase in 2015, which allowed us to really improve our schools and athletic facilities. It has been rewarding to see how far we have come,” he said. “Devil Dog Arena is one of the best in the state.”

Trent is not only the athletic director, but also the director of the custodians who help keep the district’s facilities in good shape. “Trent Tipton has a servant’s heart to help students, colleagues and people in general. He is a great person and embodies our district’s purpose to love, serve and care,” said Shawn Halbrook, superintendent of SCCSD.

Trent credits his wife, Libby, for helping him be the best he can be in life and at work. “Being a coach’s wife is very difficult, especially when you have kids … .” Even with her hands full from raising kids and working as a speech therapist, he said, “She has always been my biggest fan.”

What advice would Trent offer others? Be engaged in the present. “Don’t look too far ahead. Enjoy the time you have.”

Contact Trent at [email protected].