Man of the Moment 2023: Brad Cunningham

Brick by brick and board by board, Brad Cunningham is helping build a better future for the 501. As the Division President of Ridout Lumber Company and Meek’s Building Materials, Cunningham has recreated the blueprint in his quick-moving industry to design better solutions for his customers.

“The lumber and building materials industry has been undergoing significant changes in recent years, driven by factors such as technological advancements, supply chain challenges and changing consumer preferences,” Cunningham said. “Companies like Ridout Lumber and Meek’s, who are able to adapt to these changes and provide innovative solutions, have proven to be successful at helping builders, contractors and homeowners navigate these rapidly-evolving market conditions.”

Of all the lessons he’s learned throughout his journey, Cunningham believes in the power of patience and authenticity. “Every job you hold, every task you perform, is a self-portrait of who did it,” Cunningham said. “Autograph your work with excellence. You do not get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.”

For Cunningham, success hasn’t come without sacrifice, and he’s thankful for a strong foundation of support at home. “I would like to thank my wife, Robyn, for supporting me along the journey,” Cunningham said. “Through all the long days, the nights away, the wins, the losses and everything in between, she is my one constant. My daughter, Mallory, is also a source of inspiration and pride. Her personal mantra of ‘she believed she could, so she did’ summarizes her fearless authenticity and genuine passion well. She will continue to have an impact on me and many other lives in the future.”

For Cunningham, improving the community he calls home is the greatest accomplishment of his career. “I believe all young people should understand that being successful and leaving a lasting legacy is not just about individual achievements or accomplishments,” Cunningham said. 

“It is about contributing to the greater good of your community and society as a whole. They should strive to make a positive impact by setting goals, by developing a strong work ethic, by continuously learning and growing, and by having strong relationships with a vast network of mentors.” Contact Brad today at [email protected].