Makeover for a makeup space

by Tanner Cangelosi

I’ve always loved looking at large walk-in closets with dressing tables and glam. As I looked at my own closet, I asked myself, “What can I do to give this closet more glam and make it more functional?”

I came up with the idea to create a makeup counter I could use every day.

With my husband’s help, we took off the top clothes hanging bar to make room for the mirror. He also measured, cut and stained a piece of wood (he had leftover from another project) for my makeup counter. As that dried, I used the paint (named Broadway) I got from Lowe’s and began painting the accent wall that the mirror would be hung on. I love accent walls. They add a bit of drama easily and cheaply and can be changed fairly quickly if you don’t like the color anymore.

Now, for the piece de resistance — the mirror!  

This mirror was given to me by the Hall family. They literally gave every thing they owned away to move to Russia and give orphans hope (you can check out what they do at I am thankful for the example they set in my life.  

The mirror was gold. I took white paint and got to work to transform the mirror. To paint a mirror like this, I simply slap the paint on there. Once the paint is dry, I use a razor blade to scrape off excess paint off the mirror. The same could be done to quickly transform a picture frame.

My husband then installed the makeup counter and hung the white trimmed mirror. It was a dramatic difference compared to my original drab closet. It’s amazing what paint can do! 

Finally, we hung a small crystal chandelier that I found at IKEA in Dallas. I added the lotions I use every day along with a mis-matched china cream server to hold my lip-gloss. 

This project took us a few hours and made such an impact. I love this space that I can get ready in every day.