‘Loving LIFE’ and our veterans

Veterans Beverly Richardson (from left) of Danville, Va., Silas Taylor of Deport, Texas, Verne Williamson of East of Danville and Mike Paladino of Center Ridge (Conway County) were “Loving LIFE.”

November and December are often times when we stop to reflect on those things for which we are most grateful.

At 501 LIFE, we are very appreciative of the men and women who have served and are currently serving in the U.S. military. We do our best to honor them with feature stories and by covering events where they are recognized.

Earlene Paladino brought the above photo to our office, and it warmed our heart.

The four men pictured are Beverly Richardson of Danville, Va., Silas Taylor of Deport, Texas, Verne Williamson of East of Danville and Mike Paladino of Center Ridge (Conway County). The four were total strangers when they met in Fort Knox, Ky., in May 1959 for Basic Training. All were in artillery units in their hometowns. 

After Basic Training, all four men were stationed at Fort Sill, Okla., for artillery survey training. While there, Paladino celebrated his 21st birthday with a cake that his mother sent. The men went to Taylor’s house (as he was the only one married) and had a party for him. 

On Sept. 27, 2019, the four friends met in Danville. At the Mayflower, a great seafood restaurant, they celebrated Paladino’s 81st birthday and their 60th anniversary of being friends. They have kept in touch with each other over these 60 years. 

The men were “Loving LIFE” together and took a photo to share with readers. 

Taylor’s wife, Juanita, and Earlene and Richardson’s friend, Vernell, celebrated with them. 

On Sept 29, the Paladinos, Taylors and Williamson went to Top Sail Beach, N.C., to spend a week together. “We went to a great seafood place to celebrate his birthday again,” said Earlene. “Word got out it was his birthday. Everyone waiting to get seated sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.”

What a wonderful story of military service and friendship. We are so happy Earlene and Mike took 501 LIFE along for this very special occasion.

We salute these men and our U.S. military! We are truly thankful for your service.


It’s that wonderful time of the year when we deck the halls, indulge in delicious food and enjoy the fellowship of family and friends. This issue features some great articles related to the holiday season that we hope readers find helpful.

Throughout the holidays and the year, we are mindful at 501 LIFE of the many blessings that we have enjoyed since we embarked on this incredible venture. There are great communities in Central Arkansas that we are proud to serve. We have supportive advertisers and editorial boards as well as a talented team of writers, photographers and designers. We are truly thankful!

As we wish you and yours the best of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, here’s to “Loving LIFE!”

Sonja J. Keith