Little Rock cosmetic surgery announces scholarship

Rhys Branman, MD, of Little Rock is honored to announce the first year of the annual Arkansas Rural Health Scholarship. Designed to support first-year medical and nursing students in Arkansas who are interested in practicing medicine in rural areas of the state, this scholarship will assist students with the cost of tuition and supplies necessary for continuing their education in the medical field.

“Rural parts of Arkansas face an immense shortage of primary healthcare professionals, and the demand for these positions is only expected to grow,” Dr. Branman said. “This rural healthcare shortage is compounded by the fact that education costs are increasingly unaffordable for many students who would otherwise serve in these areas. This scholarship will assist healthcare students with tuition and other education costs while encouraging them to reside in and serve rural areas of our state post-graduation.”

All Arkansas residents pursuing a degree in a medical specialty* who are committed to practicing medicine in underserved parts of the state are encouraged to apply for the $2,500 scholarship via a downloadable application. The awarded scholarship funds can be used at any college or university to offset the cost of tuition and educational expenses, including but not limited to supplies and textbooks, required technology, transportation costs, housing and on-campus expenses.

* Eligible degrees include: Doctorate (MD, DO, DPM, DDS, DMD, DPM, DMD, OD, PsyD, PharmD, DCM, DS, DPT, DSN, PhD, DNP), Nursing (RN, NP, CNM, CRNA, LPN), Master’s (MPH, MM, MMS, MN, MNA, MPharm, MPAS, MSN, MSM), and Physician’s Assistant (PA, PAC).

Applications will be accepted through May 28, 2021. Submitted applications will be reviewed and vetted by the Branman Scholarship Committee, who will choose an award recipient based on the quality of the application and adherence to the scholarship requirements. The chosen recipient will be notified upon selection, and the award will be disbursed via a cash prize.

“The future of healthcare in rural Arkansas is dependent upon this current generation of medical and nursing students and I’m proud to do my part to help. I wish all of our applicants the best of luck and look forward to reviewing some undoubtedly impressive applications!” says Dr. Branman.

To review the program’s complete application and to apply, visit: