Kid of the Month: Lily Trauth

By Mary Eggart

When it comes to living life with purpose, joy and enthusiasm, Lily Trauth of Morrilton is in a class by herself. At only 13 years old, she exhibits qualities that most teachers wish they had in all of their students. 

Photos by Makenzie Evans

“Lily is one of, if not the most, well-rounded students I have had the pleasure of teaching,” said Kaleb Blocker, her physical science teacher at Morrilton Junior High.

Trauth’s personality is one that radiates with happiness and positivity, and she brings joy and laughter wherever she goes. Whether it is greeting her teachers daily with her sunny enthusiasm or providing laughter to her fellow volleyball team members, Trauth is definitely a valued member of her school’s community.

As an eighth-grade student with a 4.0 grade-point average, two essential components of Trauth’s life are academic excellence and school involvement. As a member of her school’s Quiz Bowl team, she won a medal for making all-tournament. Likewise, while participating in Morrilton Junior High’s Beta Club, Trauth placed first in Language Arts at the state competition. In fact, she has won multiple school awards in Language Arts, which just happens to also be her favorite subject. “I suppose I love it [Language Arts] because it is a puzzle full of caveats and tunnels,” she said. “You have to read between the lines; there is never one right answer.” 

She is also a member of the Creative Writing Club. “I can express all of my kooky self in Creative Writing,” Trauth said.

Additionally, she is a member of the band and plays the clarinet. But her musical abilities do not stop there. Outside of school, she also plays the piano. “Lily constantly amazes me with her natural talent and work ethic,” said Nina Martinez, Morrilton Junior High’s band director. “I’m honored to be able to watch her on her own musical journey, and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.”

Lastly, Trauth is on the eighth-grade volleyball team, where she is an essential member due to her grit and desire to become a better player as well as her ability to bring joy and laughter to the entire team. 

Trauth attributes much of her success as a student to her teachers, who have had a tremendous impact on her life, both in and out of school. She stated that if she had to pick a favorite teacher, it would be either Mr. Blocker (Physical Science) or Ms. Ball (Language Arts). “Mr. Blocker really spends the time to understand each of his students and provides hilarious ways to learn science. He really makes sure that you know what you are doing,” she said. 

“[Ms. Ball’s] personality is amazing; she uses playful and fun vocabulary and a relaxed nature to teach. She is always excited about everything and never fails to amaze,”she said. “Although these are my favorite teachers, I love every teacher I have been graced with.”

When asked about some of life’s challenges, Trauth commented that she has a strong sense of justice, which can often be challenged in certain situations. “Sometimes when I see something that is unjust, it really hurts my heart. This is hard being a kid because I can’t always fix the problem, but if there is a situation where I can stick up for someone, I always try to take the opportunity to help,” she said. 

As a 13-year-old, not only does Trauth possess an innate commitment to excellence and positivity, but she also exhibits a degree of humility that is uncharacteristic for an eighth-grader. She sees her accomplishments as the byproducts of those around her. “I want to thank Nana, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Rose, teachers, and my friends. Everyone is so amazing at putting up with me. I have learned everything from them,” she said.

It’s certain that they have learned a great deal from her as well.