Age: 6

City: Conway.

School/grade level: Kindergarten. I love my teacher, Mrs. (Meredith) Thone!

Family: Mommy, Mary Jane Pettit; Daddy, Doug Cahill; brothers, Collin and Carson Cahill; stepdad, Joel Pettit; stepmom, Amy Cahill; stepsisters, Julia and Jill Pettit and Emma and Ruth Buckner; stepbrother James Buckner; a very special loved one, Stacy Duncan; and four of the BEST grandparents in the world, Catsee and Big Daddy and Grammy and Granddad . . . I LOVE having a big family!

Favorite meal or snack: Popcorn chicken and macaroni and cheese.

Favorite subject: Reading.

Most cherished possession: All of my family and my favorite bear, Lovee.

Hobbies: Dancing, playing on an iPad, playing dress-up and snow skiing.

Other information: For my birthday, I wanted to give other kids, in my school and other schools, things that they are not able to have — food. I wanted to help kids that take home food that is given from my school so they will have enough food for the weekends. I asked all my friends in my class to bring food or money to my party instead of gifts, to give to the kids who don’t have things they need. We were able to give about $200 worth of food for this much needed backpack program. God has blessed me, and I want to help others. That’s what God teaches us to do.