Kaitlyn Kordsmeier – St. Joseph (501 Basketball Team 2024)

Kaitlyn Kordsmeier is a St. Joseph Bulldog through and through. On the basketball court, she can play whatever position is needed (but mostly guard). She’s an all-state golfer, she also plays soccer, and she was the homecoming queen this year.

“You never have to worry about her getting in trouble, and she will help anyone if they ask,” said St. Joseph Head Coach Austin Neumeier. “She was our point guard and leading scorer last year with over 350 points. She was a big part of why we made it to regionals last year. She is a great dribbler and brings excellent energy. She is the best shooter on the team as well.

“She helps with kids’ basketball camp during the summer and helps at the flea market. I ask the teacher how the girls are doing in class, and almost all of them say something positive about her in class. Nobody has ever said anything negative.”

After progressing to the 2A-Central regional tournament last season, Kordsmeier and her teammates are working towards taking the next step this season.

“Our team goals for this season are to win conference and to make it to state,” Kordsmeier said. “Our team can achieve this if we stay focused and really strive to win because we are fully capable of succeeding this year. I also couldn’t ask for a better group of teammates to share my last year of basketball with. My personal goals this season are to improve on my outside shooting and free throws.”