Johnson shares how to ‘OUTDO YOURSELF’

Susan Peterson
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Conway High and UCA graduate Joe Johnson recently published a self-help book titled “OUTDO YOURSELF.”

by Susan Peterson

Feeling bored? Stuck in a rut? Want to achieve new goals, but aren’t sure how? Joe N. Johnson’s recently released self-help book — “OUTDO YOURSELF: 10 tips to being your best and improving your social-emotional health!” — might be just what you need!

Joe’s roots run deep in Conway. He is a 1991 Conway High School graduate, and he received his bachelor of science degree in psychology at the University of Central Arkansas. He now lives in Alpharetta, Ga., a community just north of Atlanta, where he works as a licensed therapist, teaches online courses for Ashford University and oversees PROUD Practical Solutions, a company he founded 18 years ago.

Throughout his adult life, Joe’s career goal has been to help others. While in Arkansas, he worked at Charter Hospital and for the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) as a foster care case worker.

He then spent about 10 years in Los Angeles, where he continued to work in the behavioral health field, advancing his career into upper leadership. In LA, Joe also enjoyed acting as a hobby, and he wrote, directed and starred in his own sitcom/stage play. From 2001-03, he owned and operated a social services agency in Little Rock that contracted foster care, counseling and adoption services and studies.

Expanding and changing are part of what makes Joe who he is today. Even while developing his career, he continued his education, earning master’s degrees in psychology and business administration.

In 2007, he started Kindle Mental Publishing, which produced motivational and feelings posters that were sold around the world. When he sold the company in 2015, he began thinking about his next endeavors. He turned his attention to writing a book based on one of his motivational posters. He spent last year writing “OUTDO YOURSELF,” which came out in February. He is pleased that he is now able to extend his assistance to a larger audience and help people world-wide.

Joe’s book is significantly different from many other self-help books. He uses the “Intentional Approach to Positive Life Management™” (IAPLM) model that he developed “to help people manage life in a practical, positive and effective manner.” Each of the first 10 chapters offers a helpful tip and then gives examples of how Joe applied it in his own life. Worksheets and exercises are also provided so the reader can immediately apply the tips using the steps outlined in the book. In chapter 11, Joe offers 20 “bonus tips,” giving more positive ways to manage life. Joe ends the book by offering a 10-week challenge to help people slowly and strategically begin applying the tips.

More information about Joe, including background information and the work he currently does with PROUD, may be found at A standard copy of “OUTDO YOURSELF” can be purchased from Amazon, or a personalized/signed copy of the book is available from Joe’s website.

Joe regularly visits his family and friends in Conway, where he has held casual book-signing events. He would be happy to hear from readers and find out how they have applied the tips from his book.