Introducing Five-oh-Ones to Watch

In partnership with Methodist Family Health, this month we are celebrating individuals who make LIFE brighter for us all. We received your nominations and now present the “Five-Oh-Ones to Watch” issue. These individuals have stepped onto the stage of life and are making a real difference at work, church, or in their community, and we’re shining a spotlight on them.

Spotlights were first invented to highlight performers on stage. What’s interesting about spotlights is that they often use no more power than a typical light source, but the beam is concentrated, which makes it multitudes brighter. As I talked with the three dozen people who are featured in this issue, I found that they concentrate their energy and fully devote themselves to particular occupations and causes. By giving so much of themselves to a narrow range of interests, they maximize their talents and make a huge difference in those areas.

It may sound like a simple concept that allows a person to make a big difference, but it’s not. Have you heard the saying, “If you want something done ask a busy person?” I’m sure that each month our honorees are pulled in several directions as people ask for their assistance; however, they keep the spotlight focused on their priorities and passions and are successful.

We appreciate the nominations that came in and educated us about many extraordinary people who live in the 501. The selection committee struggled to narrow the list, and we have many future article ideas from the nominations. 

I now present the “2024 Methodist Family Health Five-Oh-Ones to Watch” issue and we’re proud to shine a spotlight on each of them. Next November we will again field nominations and, in the meantime, be inspired by those who are making LIFE brighter for all of us!

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

Stefanie Brazile