Individual Artist Fellowship Applications closing Feb. 5

The Individual Artist Fellowship program, which awards up to 18 creatives $5,000 each, will close for applications Feb. 5.

Art by Joelle Storet

The grant program is awarded to three creatives in six rotating categories annually. Categories this year are: docu-genre; multisensory art; contemporary craft in ceramics and/or glass; novel or memoir writing; community engagement; and high fashion or costume. These grants are made directly to individual creatives who live and work in Arkansas. This grant is for already finished, not proposed, projects.

Applications are available online.

The grant, through the Arkansas Arts Council, is made possible in partnership with Arkansas Heritage and the Windgate Foundation. Apply through this link: Individual Artist Fellowship (

The Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of Arkansas Heritage, advances the arts in Arkansas by providing services and supporting arts endeavors that encourage and assist literary, performing and visual artists in achieving standards of professional excellence. In addition, the Arkansas Arts Council provides technical and financial assistance to Arkansas arts organizations and other providers of cultural and educational programs. Arkansas Heritage is a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism.