501 Life Magazine | In White County, something’s really ‘fishy’
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In White County, something’s really ‘fishy’

The out-of-the-way and off-the-beaten-path establishment is called Georgetown One Stop in White County and it has become legendary. Georgetown was actually the first city in Arkansas, and once a thriving river port and railroad terminus. Time has passed it by and the tracks were pulled up long ago.

For a short outing, five of us decided to take our chances and visit Georgetown One Stop. It took us a while to get there, and we thought we were going to resort to fast food along the way. After a trip down Highway 36 through Kensett and West Point, we passed the “Road Ends 12 Miles Ahead” sign, but kept winding through the White River flood plain until we finally arrived at a quite small and non-assuming wooden structure.

Upon entering the building, the dining area was no larger than many of our master bedrooms and the walls were totally covered with small photos of the hundreds who had visited and eaten the catfish.

Joanna Taylor met us with a warm welcome and told us where to sit — and the night began to unfold! There is no need for a menu, catfish is all they serve, along with a few fries, slaw and hushpuppies. But the main event is the unforgettably light and fluffy catfish…not too salty, not too breaded, not greasy, just right!

There were only three people cooking, waiting on tables and assisting the guests. We were about the first in the establishment for the night, and by the time we had finished our catfish delight, the small place was full of diners! Taylor told us they serve up to 200 pounds of catfish a day! They are only open Thursday through Saturday — and the catfish is well worth the drive.

The actual address is 209 E. Main Street, Georgetown, Ark….but I wouldn’t use that as a guide. Just head toward Georgetown until you see the road end — it’s on your left! The phone number is 501.742.3781 if you want to call ahead. They will place your name on a sheet of paper on a table if you want (the name of our table was not our name, so that didn’t seem to make a lot of difference). There was plenty of catfish —Joanna brought more for those brave few who could eat more.

Another real treat of the excursion was the trip home. It was dark and all along the way, the deer were lined up to watch the procession of cars full of saturated guests from the catfish at Georgetown One Stop. We counted 10 that were on the side of the road — some a bit closer than desired — and all a delight to see.

When you have the time, Georgetown One Stop is a special treat for catfish! It’s all about the delicious fillets, served up as fat-free as possible with fish from the commercial fishermen working the White River. Joanna serves it fresh, never frozen.

Another epicurean wonder in the 501 LIFE arena of dining!