In fashion: Shannon Jeffery makes a statement

Shannon makes jewelry – one-of-a-kind, handmade statement pieces. She uses odds and ends, beads, buttons and vintage pieces as inspiration. She is the creative force behind KatEva Designs.

The name is a creation of Shannon’s too. “The line is named to honor my grandmothers by combining parts of their first names: Kathleen Jeffery and JimEva Kelso = KatEva.” 

Shannon started making jewelry because she loves to wear it. In early 2009, Shannon took a class to learn to hand-knot and strand pearls. Then she was “hooked.” Soon afterward, friends and even strangers would comment on her jewelry and ask to buy her pieces. Shannon decided, “Why not?”

Shannon makes sure that shopping for KatEva Designs is as fun as wearing the jewelry itself! She organizes design shows. Individuals or groups of friends host jewelry parties so that guests can see, touch and experience the pieces in a fun, pressure-free atmosphere.

The parties also provide an opportunity for feedback as to what people like, need and are looking for.  Shannon uses that feedback in her design development. She now offers custom-designed pieces to fit an individual’s fashion. 

Recently, Shannon announced that if you send her a photo of a special occasion dress, she can design a signature piece made just for the occasion. This is tailor-made fashion at its best! Fall homecoming, class reunions, autumn weddings and holiday parties all offer the perfect opportunity for a custom design.

Statement jewelry also complements the “transition” wardrobe. Finding the right fashion for late summer and early fall in the 501 is no easy task. Bold and vintage jewelry can help carry a summer outfit through to early autumn. Pairing a lightweight fabric with a bold necklace in a fall or earth-tone color extends the life of a summer favorite.

Shannon’s flair for design and her strong business sense have made an impact in the 501 area; so much so, that she has been chosen to be the featured artist for July and August at the State Treasurer’s Office. To see these unique pieces of KatEva Design stop by the state capitol building soon. The designs will be on display on the second floor. 

What started as curiosity led to a class, which combined with Shannon’s artistry and skill, has grown into a fulfilling career. What a statement!