By Kayla Cooper

JoAnn and Alex Lieblong have a big heart when it comes to family. So much so, that their Conway home is beautifully decorated with treasures that conjure up childhood memories.

The exquisite English Manor style home is situated in an area of Conway that offers the convenience of living in town but is surrounded by beautiful fields and pastures.
JoAnn welcomed me into her home with a cheerful smile as I stepped through the front entry.  Immediately, I was met with a stunning front staircase and a luxurious front study, with handsome dark molding.
Looking ahead, the house has tall, coffered ceilings throughout with a warm color palette that features greens, yellows, reds and peaches. It is laden with unique family mementoes that warm the heart of its occupants while giving a cozy atmosphere.
JoAnn wanted a traditional home that wouldn’t fade with the trends, but would majestically last for years. She filled her home with rich English furniture and old world style chandeliers. 
Going through the house, from the kitchen to the cute little room she made for her granddaughters, I started to see the joy the Lieblongs have in passing on their family heritage. In the front study, she displays her father-in-law’s doctor bag and medical license. Many of her mother’s dishes are displayed in other rooms.
I was in for one more surprise as JoAnn took me upstairs to her second kitchen in the house – a charming space filled with vintage dishes and appliances. In one corner, she used a true “icebox” refrigerator for extra storage. The refrigerator was owned by Alex’s grandparents from Guy, so JoAnn had it refinished when she found it and brought to the house. 
Serving as a display for some of her mother’s and grandmother’s dishes is JoAnn’s father-in-law’s (Dr. Keller Lieblong) medicine cabinet from his doctors office. Mounted on the green, farm-style cabinets is an old-fashioned coffee grinder, complete with a crank! 
JoAnn says the upstairs kitchen gave her a chance to re-create a place like the kitchens their mothers – Violet Lieblong and Maerene Eaton – had and that they remember from growing up. It also allowed her to display so many of the family heirlooms most people have to keep packed away in boxes.I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with JoAnn as she took me through her lovely home, allowing me a glimpse into the values treasured by the Lieblongs.
As I thanked her, she asked me about my own family and gave me words to live by.  “Always treasure the times you have with your family. Don’t take them for granted.”