501 Life Magazine | Home is where the story begins
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Home is where the story begins

Mike Kemp photos

501 LIFE has some great ways to extend beautiful living inside and outside with a few basics found during a shopping expedition at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

The great outdoors

Extending space for your home makes a beautiful and entertaining patio.

An American flag during these times is perfect. We found a weather-resistant flag and pole for under $50.

The best purchase we discovered is the solar-powered lights by Portfolio. Eight path lights come in a package, under $40.

Teal Lanterns by Allen + Roth, at $9.98 each, make a great addition to any home or wonderful gift.

Candle holders are perfect inside or out, but we love the ambiance these Allen + Roth items give a late evening. $5.98 each.

A Garden Treasures Fire Bowl brings family and friends together in fall and winter. Just be certain to ask for wood that keeps mosquitos away. $99.

Rugs, doormats and so much more. Such a great variety in stock. We like one for each doorway.  Prices range from $12.98 to $25.

Garden Treasures Bird feeder — because, after all, who amongst us would not feed a bird? About $20. 

Making inside beautiful

Can you tell we love the Allen + Roth brand? Clocks, like mirrors, have a way of filling up a blank wall while serving a purpose. This 30-inch wall clock is easily mounted and would be a good addition to any home or office. $50.

Allen + Roth Portfolio makes for terrific lamps anywhere you may need to see. We think these coordinate well with the half circle rugs for about $40 each. Take a peek in Lowe’s for so many more lighting options. 

Tools you will need

Tin snips by Project Source are perfect for harvesting herbs, especially strong rosemary branches. Easy to store. $9.98.

Take care of your home with Flex-A-Spouts extensions. Sometimes hard to locate, they make such a difference in curb appeal. $8.94 each.

A 22-piece tool kit. Kobalt gives the “all that” when it comes to tools. There are other tool bags, but we found the best, for the best price. Under $50.

For those who do not need another entire bag of tools, this rachet screwdriver is perfect for many things. $14.98.

Don’t forget a power washer. For about $300, there are several choices. All are easy to use for the do-it-yourselfer.