By Sonja J. Keith
Love and family – from the design plan to the location – are the foundation of the dream home built by Johnny and Stacia Adams.

The Conway couple and their two children – Emily and Elizabeth – moved into the two-story French Country style home in 2006. Constructed by Luke Porter Custom Homes, the plans for the house were modified from a design by Tulsa architect Jack Arnold.
For years, the couple collected ideas – including pages taken from magazines – that were incorporated into the design for the 5,800-square-foot home. It reflects the couple’s style and desire to create a warm and inviting space that is enjoyed by family and friends.
The impressive home is situated on a cul-de-sac in the Adamsbrooke subdivision, which the couple developed in 1992. The family lived in two other houses in the subdivision before building their current house. “I’ve always wanted to build a home on that lot,” Johnny said. “That particular land had been in my family for 100 years. It is where my father was born.
“We’ve been planning for a long time.”
Sample ImageOthers involved in the project included Debbie Ward, who created the faux features: Jason Wooley, who assisted with the landscape design; and Georg Andersen, the couple’s neighbor, who offered his advice on paint color.
Johnny recalls growing up on the property when it was nothing more than 20 acres of open pasture. He was drawn to a “pretty spot” along Tucker Creek where there were four large oak trees, that he expects may well be over 200 years old.
“It was just a great spot to hang out,” he said. “We designed the subdivision to keep that lot (with the four trees) intact and build the house in the middle of it.” In fact, Johnny’s study is situated where he can enjoy the view of one of the trees.
Several design elements – including beams and decorative light fixtures – as well as some furnishings have been incorporated to create an “old world” and “timeless” feeling. “We want it to feel like it has always been a part of the property.”
The couple describes the style of their furnishings as “collective,” explaining that a few new pieces were purchased for the new home, but most have been passed down through family members.
Like the location on the outside, the inside of the house tells a story, with the couple remembering where and when particular items were purchased. “I think that makes a house more interesting,” Johnny said. For example, a rocking chair in the home was made when Johnny’s parents found out they were pregnant with him.
There are four bedrooms in the home, including a place for grandparents to stay if needed. The couple’s favorite room, according to Stacia, is the spacious kitchen that opens to a gathering room and den, allowing enough space for family who gather for holidays and other special occasions.
“We want it to be warm and comfortable, and to enjoy it as a family home,” she said.
The family also enjoys the media room, a perfect gathering place to hang out and watch movies or play Wii.
The home is “the” location for family get-togethers during the holiday season, with relatives from both sides of the family in attendance. They observe a traditional Thanksgiving menu with turkey and dressing (compliments of Johnny’s mother), the trimmings and pumpkin pie.
A big dining table accommodates as many as possible. “It’s just home,” Stacia said. “I want it to be home.”
When it comes to decorating for the holidays, it is a “family affair” with everyone involved in putting them up.
Many of the ornaments hung on the tree were handmade by the girls and collected over the years. They also have collected ornaments from family trips. “I love the Christmas ornaments that the girls made,” Stacia said. “They are going to hang on the tree forever.”
On Christmas Eve, the Adams family will host a dinner for Johnny’s mother, uncle and cousins who live in Conway. Christmas morning is shared just with their girls, with Stacia preparing gingerbread pancakes – only on Christmas Day – about mid-morning.
“We are very happy with our home,” Johnny said. “It is in the spot where I always dreamed of building a house. I’m so glad we could build it when the kids were young enough to be at home. We want it to be a place they can come home to with their families.”