Home features luxurious master suite

One trick is to coordinate your master bedroom and master bath to create a master suite.  Creating a master suite in your home gives a tone of luxury as well as allows the eye to continue throughout the bedroom and into the bathroom. By connecting the two rooms, it expands the visual space of both areas.

There are several different ways to coordinate a master suite. One of the easiest ways is through paint color.

Diana and Phil Kirkland recently completed construction on a beautiful home on Beaverfork Lake near Conway that features a luxurious master suite. The space is an excellent example because she has created a warm feeling throughout the entire area with neutral golden and caramel paint colors. 

Although the master bathroom is a different color than the master bedroom, the two paint colors are from the same family which gives no opportunity for the eye to stop. 

Not only does Diana use paint color to connect her bedroom and bathroom, she also takes advantage of the large picture windows in the bedroom. 

With its location on the lake, the couple’s home has tranquil outdoor views. The layout of the bedroom is made to frame the lake in its windows to function as artwork; therefore the view was also taken into consideration while creating the layout of the bathroom. By placing the jetted soaking tub in the middle of the bathroom, the homeowners can still enjoy the view and increase the size of the master suite. 

Diana does a fabulous job of adding little accents to each room. The warm and comfortable design is carried throughout both spaces. Plush fabrics, rounded motifs and oversized furniture and showers help to create a comfortable luxury that is perfect for family gatherings.

“We all hang out in here a lot,” Diana shared, “I wanted it big enough for the whole family to enjoy.”

501 LIFE would like to thank Diana and Phil Kirkland for inviting 501 LIFE into their beautiful Beaverfork Lake home.