501 Life Magazine | Healthy Women of Unity: New group promotes health-centered lives
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Healthy Women of Unity: New group promotes health-centered lives

Women of all ages in the 501 are celebrating summer in a new way with the latest group, “Healthy Women of Unity,” created by the Unity Health Foundation. This program helps women to engage with friends and fellow professionals, empowering one another to live health-centered. 

Events have been held with a host of activities and lessons from speakers including Judy Glenn, RN, of Unity Health Healthworks department; Dr. Katherine Durham; Unity Health cardiologist Christie Brooks, MS, RD, LD, of OneLife Wellness and Searcy Crossfit; Casey Cox and Nicole Hopkins of NoomaLIFE Studios; and Elizabeth Hendrix and Trina Abraham of the Searcy Athletic Club. 

Healthy Women of Unity members enjoyed a lunchtime walk at Spring Park on March 30 for National Walk in the Park Day.

Members have been able to enjoy learning about new ways to incorporate exercise into everyday life, make healthier decisions when choosing foods for their family, and utilizing resources throughout Searcy and local areas for eating well and enjoying new exercise options. 

Christie Brooks of OneLife Wellness and Searcy Crossfit spoke at the Healthy Women of Unity event on March 13, sharing with women her wealth of knowledge on how to maintain a balanced life.

“We hope this group will be one many are able to involve their daughters, mothers, friends and family members in,” said Unity Health Executive Director Cassandra Feltrop. “Working together as a team to promote healthier living is rewarding and gaining strength and support from fellow healthy women makes all the difference.”

Routine events will take place throughout the year, such as the recent “National Walk in the Park Day” on March 30, a group walk April 13 and even an event with a splash at the Searcy Swim Center on April 30. The group strongly encourages the collaboration of new ideas to create opportunities for lasting lifestyle changes and cultivating lifelong relationships. 

The mission of Healthy Women of Unity is to empower women with the knowledge and confidence to make informed healthcare and well-being decisions for themselves and their loved ones. 

Current membership for Healthy Women of Unity includes more than 275 women from Unity Health and the community. The group is open to women of all ages who are advocates for Unity Health and want to support healthcare in the community.  

To learn more about the group or to become a member, please contact the Unity Health Foundation, located at 1200 S. Main St. in Searcy, call 501.278.3184 or email foundation@unity-health.org.