Harding interior design program receives six-year reaccreditation

The Harding University Department of Art and Design’s interior design program recently received notice of a six-year reaccreditation from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

The CIDA board made its decision following an evaluation visit to Harding’s campus last fall.

“Unlike many accreditation processes, we are primarily judged on student projects and it requires a lot of evidence that is very organized,” said Amy Cox, assistant professor of art and director of the program. “We have put an incredible amount of work into the process of accreditation, and to be successful is a great reward for the effort.”

The last accreditation of the program took place in 2009, but Cox said the reaccreditation is important to maintain the reputation of the program and to make sure students receive the best opportunities they can.

“The CIDA accreditation is extremely important to both the program and the students individually,” Cox said. “As an accredited school we are seen by the profession as having met the same rigorous standards as other well-known universities. This is good for recruiting and also for students as they look for jobs or internships.”

Cox said that this accreditation does not mean the program will stop improving or advancing. After receiving the review, Cox said the next step is to improve the weaker areas of the program as well as to begin making sure it meets the new standards that have recently been released. Cox said though the process never stops, it is worth it for what it means for the program and its students.

“For me personally, I have made it my goal to provide students with every opportunity to be successful when they graduate,” Cox said. “They should be able to get any job they want in any state or country they would like to work in with the education that we provide. It is all about their success and opportunities. It is worth every hour we spend maintaining our accreditation.

“We love our students and want to be the best possible interior design program so that they can achieve the goals they have for their career.”