Greenbrier to host site for COVID-19 testing

The Melton Cotton City Event Center will be a temporary testing site for COVID-19 on Friday, April 17.

The City of Greenbrier will open a temporary drive-thru testing site from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Friday, April 17, to test for COVID-19 (coronavirus). 

The testing is in collaboration with Natural State Laboratories, an Arkansas-based genetic laboratory in North Little Rock, and Dr. Alyson Fish and staff at Family First Primary Care in Greenbrier. 

The temporary testing site will be located at the front entrance of the Melton Cotton City Event Center at 5 Lois Lane in Greenbrier (behind the Greenbrier Municipal Building). 


Limited testing will be conducted at the site for individuals who meet one of the following testing criteria. Any of the following symptoms: 

• Fever/chills 

• Cough 

• Sore throat 

• Shortness of breath or other lower respiratory symptoms 

Or,any of the following exposure risks: 

• Close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 OR suspected (in quarantine or testing in process). 

• Travel to a country where COVID-19 is endemic (all of Europe, South Korea, China, Italy, Iran).

• Exposure in a community or facility where there is ongoing widespread transmission (nursing home, dorm, daycare center, school or other institution or community setting). 


All patients must bring a valid I.D. and health insurance card. There is no cash-pay price for this service. 

All tests will be allocated to those who meet the criteria listed above. Members of the community who do not meet the above will not be tested at the temporary testing site. 

Individuals who qualify for testing will be required to remain in their vehicles from the moment they enter the testing site until they leave the property. There potentially could be a wait time in the testing line, so personal needs such as food, drinks and restroom breaks will need to be taken care of prior to arrival. 

Other members of the public who are not experiencing symptoms and have not been exposed should take protective measures to prevent the spread of the disease. These include social distancing and everyday precautions like frequent hand washing and avoiding contact with sick people.