Greenbrier Student of the Year: Johnson credits parents for work ethic

by Sonja J. Keith

An outstanding student, Miles Johnson is described as an all-around great person who wants to serve others above all else. His efforts recently garnered him a notable honor – Greenbrier Student of the Year.

Miles is ranked No. 1 in his senior class of 257 at Greenbrier High School, with a 4.33 GPA. He currently is taking AP English 12, AP Biology, AP Physics II, Spanish II, AP Calculus BC and Advanced Anatomy/Physiology.

“I love learning,” he said, adding that he particularly enjoys math.

Born in Conway, Miles began attending Greenbrier Public Schools in the eighth grade.

His parents are Geneva and Terry Johnson. He has three siblings: older brother Garrett, who attends the University of Central Arkansas, and younger brothers Gavin, a seventh-grader at Greenbrier Middle School, and Liam, a fifth-grader at Greenbrier Westside Elementary School. His dad is a master teacher at UCA.

Miles has received numerous academic awards and attended Arkansas Governor’s School. He also participates in Mathletes, Quiz Bowl, Association of Christian Students and Beta Club.

A member of the high school and Greenbrier Soccer Club teams, Miles has enjoyed playing the sport since he was about 5. He typically plays mid-field or wing. While he enjoys learning and time spent in the classroom, he said soccer gives him an opportunity to have a break from academics while interacting with his teammates. “I love learning but sometimes you have to take a break and do something athletic.”

Miles helps coach soccer for kids ages 9 and younger. He also regularly tutors others in math and science.

While he enjoys time in the classroom, Miles likes being with his close-knit group of friends during lunch at school. “It is fun to learn but it’s nice to take a break and visit with friends.”

Miles credits his academic success to his strong work ethic, which he attributes to his parents. “You can be smart and have the natural aptitude, but if you don’t have the hard work ethic, you really don’t have anything,” he said.

When he receives his high school diploma in May, he will also be presented an associate of arts degree. He plans to attend Hendrix College, where he hopes to major in bio-chemistry and attend pharmacy school at UAMS.

Miles explained that by having his associate of arts degree, he will have completed many basic college courses and have about a two-year head start. “For the most part, you can go ahead and start taking the courses you want to take. Going into bio-chemistry, that will make it a lot easier. I want to start out with something I love instead of going through what I already learned in high school.”

While always interested in learning, Miles said when he began attending high school graduations in the ninth grade that he made it a personal goal to be valedictorian of his class. “I wanted to be on the front row, be the first one to get the diploma and be able to talk at graduation.”

When he was notified that he had been named Student of the Year, Miles said he was surprised because of the many outstanding students in Greenbrier. He is highly complimentary of the education he has received in Greenbrier, in particular the AP classes which push students to have a better understanding of the topic. “The teachers are amazing,” he said, adding that he is particularly thankful for physics/chemistry teacher Darrin Gainer and math teacher Cheryl Winberry. “They both have laid the foundation for what I want to learn.”