501 Life Magazine | Green Cart Deli: Food and fun on wheels
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Green Cart Deli: Food and fun on wheels

The Green Cart Deli may show up in any number of locations. The best way to learn more about this hot dog marvel is to follow it on Twitter (@eatgcd) or on Facebook (facebook.com/greencartdeli).

by Don Bingham

Conway welcomes the innovative and creative Green Cart Deli to its newest culinary delights.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit with owner Brad Kossover, you would enjoy hearing of his world of entrepreneurship and worldwide travels!

The Green Cart Deli is a new concept, one that I might add, has been causing a huge response from the small business industry – all clamoring for total ownership and franchising rights. Here are just a few of the reasons. The cart promotes all sustainable projects, recycled products, solar power, non-petroleum based renewable resources and is biodegradable, renewable and recyclable —now that’s a mouthful!

Jim Crouch prepares an oder (Mike Kemp photos).

Kossover explained that even the cups, knives and forks may be tossed (they are made from vegetable starches and tagged to be a “cornstarch” product) into the compost, and they will create energy by breaking down into a reusable fertilizer. That’s the “heavy” aspect of Green Cart Deli.

The fun side is this: After hours and hours of prep work, the Green Cart Deli rolls onto location. It may be small in size, but the cart is sought after for large-scale production. It has its own fan system and lighting from solar rays, and the newest cart comes complete with its own grilling system.

The first cart designed by Kossover was The Alpha, and the newest production is The Beta. The carts can set up anywhere, hauled by a custom fabricated trailer. After feeding hundreds to thousands in one week, the result is only four pounds of “non-compostable” materials.

Kossover loves people, food, travel, cooking and promoting hot dogs that are “affordable, green and uberdelicious!”

The Green Cart Deli features all beef Sabrett Natural Frankfurters, served on steamed Poppy Seed rolls. The variety of mustards and topping choices seem endless! Some of the most sought after dogs are the Razorback (hoagie and sub relish), the El Toro (steamed kraut, relish, roasted caraway, shredded Swiss and Russian sauce) and the Old Chicago (yellow mustard, tomato, crunch dill pickle, chopped onion, neon green relish, sport peppers and celery salt).

I was fascinated to hear of the OMG Brownie. This huge and moist fudge brownie is topped with roasted marshmallows, chocolate espresso icing, mini chocolate chips and pecans. That alone sounds wonderful, but Kossover actually gets the coffee beans for this dessert from Costa Rica. He often handpicks the coffee beans himself from the Costa Rica plantations.

The hot dogs are steamed for 40 seconds (each in a cheesecloth-type fabric) – a procedure that originated in 1932 in the hot dog industry. The waiting line is often long, but as one guest explained, the wait is “well worth it.”

Kossover promotes good food and good conversation – a winning combination. I think I’m in the mood for a hot dog right now!