FUNKY FRUGAL: When in doubt, monogram

by Tanner Cangelosi

My husband says if anything stands still long enough, I will monogram it or paint it. That is probably a true statement.

Such a big statement can be made with a monogram or paint with not very much money. A simple monogram or initial can take something plain and cheap and give it that custom, expensive feel.  


Bedding I purchased from T.J.Maxx on sale for $20. I had it monogrammed, and now it looks completely custom made.

The shower curtain I purchased from for $25. I had it monogrammed with coordinating bath colors, and it brings the bathroom together.

I got some cute wedge shoes as a gift; they are called One Sole. I believe they cost around $60. I took them to my favorite “monogrammer,” Something Blue, in Downtown Conway, and she turned them into truly my shoes with my monogram right on the top!

While I was waiting for my shoes, I found a purse on sale (actually a lunch bag, but don’t tell!). I bought it for $6 and had her put my monogram right on there – instantly personal!

No matter if you’re decorating or dressing yourself, monograms make everything better!