FUNKY FRUGAL: 'The Queendom'

by Tanner Cangelosi 

When I was a little girl (with all brothers), my room was referred to as “the Queendom.” I wanted to make a similar fun space for my girls.

So, with the arrival of our third baby, I needed to move my two toddler girls in the same room for space. I always loved the idea of my kids having their own room until I spoke with my pastor’s wife who gave me insight simply in passing. She talked about the value of sharing and the value of accountability. I am now a believer as I listen to my girls tell each other how much they love the other at night.

I began with my first daughter’s nursery. I stayed with the bright colors to save money. Their beds were both, thankfully, white (both given to us from friends). We also received a changing table and small table and chairs that I gave new life with a dab of decorative paint. 

Think outside the box when you see furniture. It’s amazing how painting a piece of furniture will tie a room together. Paint can also cover imperfections, which all of my furniture have. I call it character.

The walls already had decorative painting with my first daughter’s name (Zuzu), so I added a painted banner with my second daughter’s name (Cosette). I used glitter paint from Home Depot, which worked very well and added some sparkle.  

As you know, all girls love things that sparkle. I also kept the sparkly chandelier that I traded for when I was pregnant with Zuzu.

Finally, while at a store called “Dirt Cheap” in Yazoo, Miss., I found bedding and curtains for a grand total of $19. I love junk stores! When you are willing to sift through junk, you will probably find a jewel. Sometimes these stores might not seem like the best spot to find treasures, but after a good wash, my finds were worth the sifting.

My girls are learning well how to share a room. I’ve realized that the sister relationship is precious. The desire of my heart is for them to always have a space they love to spend time in together.