Funky Frugal: If you need Chick-fil-A money…

by Tanner Cangelosi

My husband and I recently had a lovely budget meeting. You know the ones where you re-evaluate how you’re spending your money and try to productively cut back? They are not my favorite. I feel like I’m constantly in trouble. He is very gracious, but being a firstborn myself, any correction feels like I’m sitting in the principal’s office.

He told me to bring in the reins on Chick-fil-A. What? I know. Chick-fil-A is our lifeline. The kids can play, and I can eat in peace. So I had to make a way.

I decided to try and sell some things using the wonderful world of Facebook. I gathered things from around my house — artwork I was tired of, furniture and lamps — and posted it all. It was worth it, too!

One piece I posted was a bench that I found at a garage sale one Saturday morning, painted at naptime and sold that afternoon. So if you need Chick-fil-A money, this article is for you. Or, if you like to repurpose old furniture or have a love for the Hogs, listen up.

At the first garage sale I saw, I pulled in and spotted a little red bench right off the bat. I knew that if the price was right, it would be mine. The owner initially asked for $8, but I asked if she would take less because I was also purchasing some workout clothes, and she said yes! I get very excited over a deal. I probably need to get out of the house more.

After putting the bench in my truck, I knew exactly what I would do to it. Because it was already red and a flat surface, I knew that painting a Razorback would be quick and would sell quickly. With every brush stroke I thought, “Kids’ meals and play areas.”

You could easily do this using a projector or a stencil. I freehanded the hog and painted white polka dots on the back. Wanting the hog to have a more artistic feel, I changed a few things from the original logo. So, if you mess up, just call it artistic license. After I finished painting, I added a little white around the edges with a large beat-up paint brush to add a distressed feel.

What I was really proud of was finding my husband’s sander in the garage and figuring out how to turn it on. I sanded the edges to make sure they were smooth. Finally, I sprayed the chair with a polyurethane sealer to protect the hand-painting.

I loved the finished product and was proud to sell it to pay for my Chick-fil-A addiction.