FUNKY FRUGAL: Fixing up the guest bath

by Tanner Cangelosi

We have a bathroom on our main living level at our home that serves both guests and our kids. I wanted it to seem grown up for the guests that come to our house but at the same time be user friendly. This bathroom needed some updating, but with some paint and new countertops, that was an easy fix.

I started by taking off the chair rail and sanding that spot down. After painting the trim and cabinets a “Vanilla Custard,” I got to work using a metallic brown/bronze color from Ralph Lauren paint. Although this gallon of paint cost about $50, it was well worth it for the rich color/texture it brought to the room.

A friend helped me sand down the cabinets to distress them, which is a great look if you have kids living in the house because their extra dings just add character! To top off the distressed cabinetry, I splurged on some glass knobs and a fun toilet paper holder from Hobby Lobby when they were half off.

Next, I had another friend switch out the outdated light fixture with a simple (on sale) light fixture that I found that would do the trick without breaking my budget. I also painted the edge of the mirror with “etching paint” I got at Hobby Lobby. It turned out well and dressed up the mirror.

Although my favorite part of the mirror has to be the “C” that I ordered from Uppercase Living that looks etched but is actually just a decal.

After ordering my shower curtain from Target online, I found some fabric to attach to the bottom of the curtain. My mother-in-law helped me do this, and it gave the curtain a custom look on a dime.

Finally, the biggest transformation was our countertops. When we got new countertops in our kitchen, to get our business, our supplier said he had a remnant piece of granite that we could have! Yeah! Now, we weren’t able to choose what kind, but I thought, for free, I don’t really care what kind it is.

I actually chose the wall paint from a sample piece of this granite. We did however have to pay for the two sinks, and we just used the faucets that were already in place. It was a good deal if I do say so myself.  

After our finished project I am happy to say that this serves my children and our guests quite comfortably.  


Door Handle, $3
Paint, $80
Knobs, $18
Light Fixture, $25
Toilet Paper Holder, $8
Shower Curtain, Fabric, $25
Countertops, FREE
Sinks, $100
Decal, $16

TOTAL:     $275