FUNKY FRUGAL: CoCo’s bodacious bassinet


“CoCo,” or Cosette Noel Cangelosi, arrived June 11 and was a bit early, so my handy husband put this bassinet together in a jiffy!

I looked at buying a mobile bassinet, but the cute ones were way out of my price range. I was looking at spending $100, but they were priced more in the $200 range. I thought, “We can make something better than this!”

We started with a broken bassinet that was a hand-me-down from my great-grandmother. I love things with history, especially family history!

I spray painted it bright baby blue. Then I doodled on the inside with acrylic paints, painting Psalm 4:8 in green and brown. My husband attached it to a rolly cart that we were actually going to throw away because we had no use for it. I loved this because the bassinets at the hospital were mobile and that was so convienient. My husband screwed spray painted scrap wood on the bottom to hold in wipes and diapers.

Using hot glue and a staple gun, I attached ribbon around three different areas on the bassinet. I used some of that ribbon to tie a monogramed bag on one end of the bassinet for storage. Other storage includes a tin basket I put on the bottom for diapers and a wipes case.

I was so thrilled with how this turned out for our second sweet baby girl to have something special.


Hand-me-down bassinet    Free
Ribbon          $9
Paint          $6
Cart (found in garage)    Free
Scrap wood        Free
Bucket (baby gift)        Free
Bag (baby gift)        Free

TOTAL:           $15