FUNKY FRUGAL: Black & white

by Tanner Cangelosi

Black and white photos are timeless. I think that is why I love them.

This project started with an empty wall in need of some spice! I took some old photos, making sure they were all black and white or I made a black and white copy, and then voila! Instantly, they coordinate.

The frames I found around my house or at garage sales. It didn’t matter the color because I carry a can of black spray paint in my back pocket (for emergencies). I then hung the frames in a somewhat symmetrical arrangement using a level and measuring tape. I am usually not one for measuring anything except when it comes to hanging photos.

The final result is a show-stopping wall of fun family memories that don’t distract from each other because of the coordinating colors.

So, put your memories in your own personal gallery with coordinating colors. You might even go crazy and spice up the frames with lime green or red paint. Your guests won’t know what hit them!