Funky Frugal: A window to the soul

by Tanner Cangelosi
Mike Kemp photos

They say that “the eyes are the window to the soul,” and I have never seen such kind eyes as in my new friend Joy McCarter. 

With the birth of our precious triplets, Joy has come alongside me to love on our family. I first met Joy at Hot Springs Women of Prayer, and she walked with me all though a very difficult pregnancy, delivery and the first three months of my babies’ lives. You know you’ve found a good friend when she is willing to take the night shift with the babies! 

As she had invited all of our large family to her home, I discovered that we not only share a love for babies, but also restoring old treasures.

I was able to sit down with Joy and hear how she restored a beautiful old window that is a show stopper when you enter her living room.

Here is what she shared:

“I found this window on an old barn, and I knew from the square-headed nails that it was quite old. The owner gave it to me (along with a matching one) and said it had been in the barn as long as he had been there.

“Outside of the little nest, which I purchased at Hobby Lobby, I didn’t need anything as I had everything at hand. The lace curtain was a piece of an old tablecloth that I had picked up at a flea market some time ago because I liked the interesting pattern. The branches I picked up in my yard, and the little birds are part of what I have found here and there over many years. I like to change them out with the seasons.

“Since the window was given to me, I spent less than $10 on the actual project. The hooks and chain were less than $5, and I got them at a local hardware store a long time ago.

“My favorite feature is the old window itself. I scraped through many layers of old paint to the find the teal color, and I love the worn, rustic look of it. I loved cleaning it up and bringing out its history.

“I had considered doing several things with it and just knew I wanted it in my house. When I dug out the old tablecloth I knew they belonged together, and the rest of it just took shape.”


A graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, Tanner Cangelosi owns
her own business – – and has done a variety of projects, from individual home décor items to painting murals in private residences. For more information, Tanner can be reached at 501.908.1338 or [email protected].