Fulmer takes his finale after four decades

Conway Corp Chief Wastewater Plant Operator Tilden Fulmer recently retired after more than 44 years of service to Conway Corp and the Conway community.

Tilden joined the company as a plant operator in 1979. After years of dedicated service, he was promoted to chief plant operator in 1998.

In this role, Tilden assisted the plant superintendent while operating and maintaining stationary mechanical equipment, such as water pumping equipment engines, air compressors, generators, motors, turbines, chemical insertion units, etc., to provide utilities services to the city of Conway.

Throughout his time with the company, Fulmer saw many changes.

“We started out with three electric crews and three water crews when I started. I’ve seen hundreds of people come and go, and four CEOs since I’ve been here. It’s time to let the younger generation come in and work.”

Fulmer recalled a storm that threatened to flood the plant and several parts of Conway in 2019.

“There was a flood from heavy rainstorms coming in from Oklahoma in 2019 that really had us worried,” he said. “We were worried that the levee would overflow and flood our plant. We had to sandbag it just in case to make sure that the water didn’t come in on us. Luckily, it didn’t happen.”

After serving his company and community for many years, Fulmer’s work ethic and dedication will be missed.

“I worked with Tilden over 44 years,” Conway Corp Wastewater Plant Superintendent Bill Fulmer said. “He always worked hard, helping to keep our plants working. He will be greatly missed by everyone he worked with. It will never be the same with him not being here.”

Tilden describes his retirement as “bittersweet,” but is looking forward to his free time.

“I’m looking forward to doing a lot more hunting and fishing and going to the lake, of course, and spending more time with my daughter, Trista,” he said. “But I’m going to definitely miss working with such a great group of guys at the plant. They have been like family to me.”

He bragged on not only his co-workers but the leadership team as well.

“It’s been good working under Bill Fulmer and management,” he said. “All jobs will have some ups and downs when you’ve been at a job this long, but it’s been a great experience, especially under the current administration.”

He leaves with this advice: “This is a great job, with great benefits. Stick with it long enough and you’ll be able to make a good living.”