For every season

by RaeLynn Callaway

We all have our favorite fall dishes we like to get out and use as we entertain family and friends for the holidays. Jenifer Hendrix, owner of Jenifer’s Antiques in Downtown Conway, has a collection she displays all year round.

“I have been collecting turkey platters and plates for over 20 years,” Jenifer said. “It started when I was 17 years old. Martha Stewart was my inspiration with the covered turkey dishes. Back then she wasn’t a big deal, and it was a challenge to find them and afford them. Now with her fame and all the reproductions you can find them everywhere!

“From those covered dishes, to the platters, to the plates, my collection continued to grow. I now have over 20 platters with six to 14 plates that go with each platter.”

Jenifer and her family are very tight knit. “I am so fortunate to live close to all my siblings and family,” Jenifer said. “I love to host huge family gatherings. This time of the year I think of my grandmother, Big Mama. We spent a lot of time together outdoors and out on the farm enjoying nature. She was my best friend. She’s been gone seven or eight years now but I always think of her when I am cooking and using her recipes.

“This time of the year I catch myself remembering Thanksgivings of the past and being thankful for what we have to look forward to and what lies ahead for our family.”


A board certified interior designer, RaeLynn Callaway owns CYInteriors ( She and her husband, Bart, have three children and live in Conway.