Fit with 501: Publishers share their workout successes


After an initial meeting with director Rance Bryant and other fitness center staff, the three began logging what they ate and met with Kellie Turpin, a registered dietitian. She determined each woman’s metabolic rate and gave guidance on how many calories each person should consume daily.

Personal trainers were also assigned to work with each of the three women and physical assessments were done. “Our trainers used that information plus our personal goals to develop fitness programs specific to our bodies and our needs,” said Tracy. “We know there are others in situations similar to ours and we want to encourage them to seek out opportunities through fitness facilities and health programs to ‘get fit with 501’ in 2010.”

Tracy Ferrell

My experience with a personal trainer and a dietician has proven to be wonderful.  What a neat opportunity we have had to better our lives. Kellie and Amy have given me a new attitude toward their profession. They have been such an inspiration to me to take better care of myself by eating properly and exercising.

It was so much fun to go pick out a pair of pants and be able to get two sizes smaller. (I’m sure they were just made big, but who cares!)

After eight workout sessions, I had lost 8 lbs. and 2.75 inches in my thighs, and was able to do 30 pushups. OK, I haven’t been a model student by meeting all my goals but for me this is a big deal. I was only able to do one pushup initially.

While I was writing this and thinking about the theme for this issue being Faith, it made me think about the choice we have to obey the gospel of Christ and the eternal consequences if we fail to do so.  There are so many benefits to working out and eating right. And there are consequences if we choose not to.

Sonja Keith

As a fitness center dropout (two or three times), I knew that it would be hard to establish and maintain an exercise routine. For years, I used every excuse there is for not taking better care of myself. “I have four very active children.” “My work schedule doesn’t allow for anything extra.” “When is there time for me to work out?”

I had one major thought when we met with the fitness center staff and accepted their invitation. Failure is not an option. Somehow, some way I have to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to take better care of myself.

Admittedly, it has been more challenging than I expected but the help and encouragement from my trainer Gina Tusson and others have been tremendous. I try to make it to the fitness center by 5:15 every morning to run 2 miles and walk another mile or so. (I’m not a runner by any means but I’m running 2 miles – unbelievable! OK, it’s not pretty but we’ve not had to call 911.) I would love to tackle a 5K this spring but we’ll have to see how the knees hold out.

I thought I was doing better when it came to eating than I really was so that aspect has been a big eye-opener. You don’t realize how many calories are in the foods you eat until you stop to look at labels and keep a food record.

The Weight Management Support group at the fitness center has been a big help. Kellie Turpin leads the group twice a week and provides information that is timely and helpful. She also answers questions from members and shares great recipes. Members weigh each week at the meetings (in private) and are encouraged to turn in weekly food records. The group has provided the accountability I need to continue working on my eating habits.

I’m happy to report that I have lost 20 pounds (my goal) and several inches, and have dropped a size in clothing. I’m not done but I’m very happy with the initial success.

I have no more excuses but to get fit. I hope others will do the same.

Donna Spears

Starting and maintaining a fitness and health program is hard, plain and simple!  It takes dedication, commitment and hard work.  But if you are even half-serious, something good can come out of it.

For me the last 3 months has been a learning experience.  Going through the holidays, a death in the family and owning a business was a good example of what happens when life gets in the way of fitness and exercise.   Even with that I have managed to lose 5 pounds, and a few inches, which thrilled me. 

Keeping a food record was quite the challenge, but in doing so it taught me very quickly that I was consuming more calories than I imagined.  With the help of Kellie Turpin, my registered and licensed dietitian, I soon discovered creative ways to have things that I craved. 

Kellie gave me suggestions for dishes that I really like with low calorie ingredients that I had not thought about.  Through practice I don’t even have to look at the labels or menu.  I know what I can have without too much research. 

With the help of Robin Dayer, my personal trainer, I could tell within a few weeks that my clothes were not fitting as tightly.  Although I found it tough to get to the gym some days, it was worth the effort. Robin showed me how to get the most out of my limited schedule. 

Now I have an exercise plan that was customized for me.  It was important that I have strength training.  My plan includes all aspects of what I need to do on a regular basis.  Although I can’t wear my “inspiration jeans” yet,  I have not given up.  I’m still working on it.

Conway Regional Health and Fitness Center and Rance Bryant, director, have a great team.  It has been my experience that no matter what goals you are trying to reach, they are there to genuinely help everyone succeed.  My hats off to a great team of professionals!