Finding hope: Battling cancer for more than a decade

Photo and story
by Callie Sterling

Fifty-seven-year-old Eugenia Roberson was diagnosed with cancer for the first time 17 years ago and has since battled the disease a total of three times.

She has had 78 chemotherapy treatments since her second diagnoses, when she was 45 years old.

“After this long you put it on the backburner and go about your business,” Roberson said. “I have had 55 chemo treatments this round, and I had 23 treatments during my second battle with cancer. The first time I did not receive chemo treatments.”

Roberson was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, she appeared to be making great progress.

She was three months away from the five-year mark of ending chemotherapy when she was diagnosed a second time.  

“You know they say if you make it five years you are usually good to go,” Roberson said.

Roberson was diagnosed with bone cancer during her second battle. During the second treatment process, she received 10 radiation treatments in addition to chemotherapy.

“With a lot of faith and positivity, I was able to beat cancer a second time,” Roberson. “I was in remission for nine years after I beat cancer again.”

The third time Roberson was diagnosed was in August 2012. The last cancer diagnosis was located in Roberson’s spine and pelvis. Although she has been tested, she has not given up her fight and continues to have faith in God.

“I am not giving up,” Roberson said. “My motto is: ‘Think positive and have faith.’ I am a firm believer, and I know that the good Lord is not done with me.”

Roberson said her family is what keeps her fighting. She isn’t sure how long she will continue chemotherapy during this battle, but she is ready to fight.

“My family is my everything,” Roberson said. “My 10-year-old granddaughter has my whole heart. She always says, ‘I am the toughest Nana she has ever seen.’ I keep going for her.”