Finding faith

by Laurie Green

I can’t properly express how excited I am about this being our Faith issue. I love the inspiration and joy that fills up every square inch of this edition.

While praying on what to share this month, I spent some time reflecting on my roller coaster ride of faith, and it seemed fitting to share with you all. I realize some people are on the top of the mountain in their faith, but others may be stumbling through the valley of it, and I pray this will encourage you.

In high school, pretty much the only thing I knew about faith was that it was a popular song by George Michael. While I had knowledge of who God might be, I didn’t attend church, didn’t own a Bible and I certainly didn’t have a clue about Godly faith. 

Fast forward to Nov. 16, 1991. This is definitely one of the lowest valleys I’ve ever stood in. That was the day we found out about David being murdered. David dated and fully intended to marry my sister someday. He was one of my very best friends and confidants and was absolutely adored by our whole family. His death shook everything! 

I clearly remember wondering how God could allow someone to die such a brutal death. I remember every detail of that season of life, almost like it was yesterday. I had no clue in 1991 what the “fruits of the spirit” (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) were, but I can assure you I spent many years feeling the exact opposite of those characteristics. Having never taken the opportunity to know the goodness of God at that point, it was difficult for me to grasp anything that resembles faith during that season.

That’s the beautiful thing about seasons, they are only temporary, and if you hang on long enough, you enter a new one. I always say hindsight is 20/20, and I’m so thankful that God pursued me, held me and saw my potential, years before I ever encountered and pursued Him.

As I fast forward to the last 17 years that I have faithfully followed Jesus, all I can do is shake my head in awe. There have been moments that I’ve had faith as big as an elephant, but to be honest, there have also been times when all I had was a mustard seed of faith. Thank goodness God knows our hearts and provides in both feast and famine faith moments.

At 46 years old, I am so honored and blessed to say my life blooms daily in the fruits of the spirit. I’ve learned forgiveness, grace and the beautiful power that faith in God provides. Faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes things possible. Faith is my foundation that I can stand on when everything around me is shaking and unsteady. Faith reminds me that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called accordingly to his purpose. Faith is what allows me to look at a situation and know I’m only seeing a small portion; God has the ultimate perspective of view.

So, I want to encourage you that if you are reading this and are in a season where faith seems hard to find, hang on. If you are walking through a valley, keep moving. If this season seems unbearable, hold tight. The maker of the Heavens and Earth adores you and loves you right in the middle of all your mess. You simply just need to call out to Him, draw near to Him and watch Him use your story for His glory. 

Laurie Green
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