Financial advisors rebrand as Trutoro

CONWAY — Veritas Independent Partners has a new name but the leadership, ownership, and service are unchanged. Veritas Independent Partners is now known as Trutoro. The legal name of the company will remain Veritas Independent Partners, LLC, while adding the D/B/A name Trutoro. 

Gail Murdoch (from left) with Debra Shannon.

The company’s founders, Gail Murdoch and Debra Shannon, began the company with the vision of creating a home for quality financial advisors. Murdoch and Shannon said they originally named the company using the word veritas which means “truth” in Latin, because they wanted to convey the company’s culture of truth and transparency. “We structured everything with that in mind,” Shannon said. “Our reps don’t have to wonder how much they are paying us because we don’t inflate the fees that we charge them. We have a simple and clear payout grid that doesn’t have any smoke and mirrors associated with it. We have the same mission of transparency to clients.”

Trutoro, a broker dealer (BD) and registered investment advisory firm (RIA), was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Conway.  The firm achieved FINRA registration as a BD and Arkansas state registration as an RIA in August 2014. It converted to SEC registration in 2020. Trutoro is the only female-owned broker dealer in Arkansas.

After operating under the name Veritas Independent Partners for nearly eight years, the firm has increased its footprint and visibility to a national level and now has representatives in six states with clients in 23 states. That growth and national recognition has led to a desire to have a more unique brand name. “It was brought to our attention that there are 41 firms, either FINRA or SEC registered, that have had the word Veritas in their name. For that reason, we came up with our own, unique name, Trutoro,” Murdoch said. “Since it begins with Tru in the name, it is still a great reminder of our culture of truth and transparency.”

Cardinal Investment Group is affiliate

Cardinal Investment Group, which was founded in 2009, is also located in Conway, Ark. It is a retail branch office of Trutoro and the home to five financial advisors. Trutoro provides the broker dealer and advisory services for Cardinal Investment Group. Trutoro and Cardinal Investment Group are also affiliated by common ownership because Gail Murdoch, the founder and owner of Cardinal Investment Group, is also the co-owner of Trutoro.