Favorite Funky Frugals from the past five years

by Tanner Cangelosi

Happy birthday 501 LIFE and "Funky Frugal!" This has been such a blessed five years working with the lovely staff of 501 LIFE magazine. I feel like the staff cares about more than just the magazine, they care about the people of the 501 area.

In honor of the birthday celebration, I wanted to share my 10 favorite stories (because I couldn’t narrow it down to just 5)! I hope you enjoy!

March 2009 – Baby room on a budget

My sweet nursery designed for my first baby, Zuzu, on a very tight budget.

My newest tip for a baby room is to shop Rhea Lana for bedding and then match the bedding with artwork for a custom but inexpensive look!

September 2009 – The catch-all desk

So helpful in everyday life! This is easy to do with painted plywood as well!

February 2010 – A playroom for “play pretties”

This was such a fun space for my kids to let loose!

June 2010 – A family-friendly kitchen, faux show

I am proudest of this project and what the result was with only spending a few thousand dollars.

September 2010 – My china hutch

This is one of my first projects….I love repurposing old furniture!

December 2010 – Transformed by paint

I will say it again: Paint covers a multitude of sins.

March 2011 – I heart hand-me-downs

I’m SO thankful for hand-me-downs, or our house would be empty.

December 2011 – Houston home redo

Bang for our buck!

April 2012 – Glam master plan

Amazing what paint can do!

December 2012 – 10 money-saving remodeling tips


A graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, Tanner Cangelosi owns
her own business – neonsouthernlady.blogspot.com – and has done a variety of projects, from individual home décor items to painting murals in private residences. For more information, Tanner can be reached at 501.908.1338 or [email protected].