Faulkner clubs celebrating 4-H Month

Members of the Golden Clovers 4-H Club were “Loving LIFE”: Rebekah Faulkner (from left), Kendall Faulkner, Peyton Roberts, Abby Faulkner, Delaney Roberts and Lily Roberts.

Several special activities are planned in October in Faulkner County as young people celebrate 4-H Promotion Month.

According to Kami Green, county extension agent for 4-H, the program is for young people ages 5 to 19. “It’s about family, fun and flexibility,” she said, adding that it used to be known for cows and cooking. “Whatever you’re interested in, I’m 99.9 percent sure there’s a project for it.”

Faulkner County has about 440 members with 21 clubs meeting throughout the county. She said there are 217 certified volunteers. 

Kami said one of the things she enjoys about 4-H is the program helps identify and fosters a young person’s interest, which can lead to a career in adulthood. “You can mold it to be whatever you want it to be.” She said it can also promote leadership. “It can open up a world you didn’t even know existed.”

Each club has a different focus and typically meets monthly after school, but there are several in-school programs in Faulkner County that meet during designated club times. She said this is the third year for the pilot program and there are in-school clubs at Wooster Elementary School, Greenbrier Eastside Elementary and St. Joseph Elementary in Conway. Students in those clubs number about 250. “It is totally different in every school,” she said, adding that one is wellness focused while another is geared toward literacy. The Wooster club is focused on STEM and robotics.

Registration for 4-H is free and is made at 4Honline.com. New members should contact Kami to get a list of clubs. Each week, she produces an email with information on activities on all levels. “You get to make the program what you want it to be.”

4-H members, including in-school club members, are eligible to compete in county contests and participate in 4-H activities on the local and state level. There are several county-wide activities held each year which are typically free, including a Christmas party.

Among the activities planned in October:

Saturday, Oct 6 – 4-H and Agriculture Day will be observed at the University of Central Arkansas football game, scheduled at 6 p.m. During tailgating, there will be 4-H exhibits and livestock projects as well as an information booth on the program and how to join. The 4-H mascot, Mr. Clover Bud, will be available for photos. Raffle tickets will also be sold for a Gator Utility Vehicle to be given away later in the month.

Monday, Oct. 22 – The 4-H Foundation will host a “Poor Boy Supper” at 6 p.m. at the Spiritan Center at St. Joseph School. The cost is $15 per person and $40 per family. The menu will include pinto beans and ham, cornbread, fried potatoes, coleslaw and banana pudding.

4-H clubs will provide themed gift baskets to be auctioned. There will be music and entertainment. The winner of the Gator raffle drawing will also be announced.

Proceeds benefit the Faulkner County 4-H Foundation.

Wednesday, Oct. 31 – 4-H members will participate in Trunk or Treat at Antioch Baptist Church in Conway.

In addition to the events, a Faulkner County 4-H alumni group is being created. According to Kami, there is a state alumni group but not one at the county level. Members of the county group will be a resource and assist 4-H members as they work on their projects. They can also serve as judges for 4-H competitions. “There’s always a need for volunteers for all of our contests.”

For more information, call the extension office at 501.329.8344.

Kami grew up in 4-H and her mom still oversees a club. “It’s just part of your growing up,” she said. “I bleed green. It’s just part of you.”