Fall in love with fitness

By Jenn McCracken

When it comes to fitness, the old saying “love at first sight” very rarely rings true. In fact, finding a routine, location, exercises, etc. that work for you takes time.  Loving fitness is a journey that evolves over time, so be patient. In fact, many factors must be taken into consideration in order to make this new relationship work. These can include finding the right gym, exercise routine, trainer, etc. I believe if you follow these three steps, you’ll be well on your way to a lifetime of happiness with your new relationship to fitness. 

Go on “dates”

Very rarely do you find that you’ll stick with the first fitness class you try. Give several fish in the sea (or classes at the gym) a try in order to find the one that is right for you. Same is true for gyms and personal trainers. Just because you didn’t enjoy one fitness center doesn’t mean you won’t like another. Most gyms will give you a free pass to try them out, so take advantage of this and get a feel for what it would be like if you became a member. Also, ask plenty of questions and do your research to learn all the things they have to offer. Being exposed to a variety of different classes and equipment is crucial in finding your niche. 

Look good, feel good

The first advice I give to someone who wants to become active is to go shopping for a pair of shoes that are made for their specific type of foot. The 501 is packed with small businesses who are extremely knowledgeable in helping you find the right shoe for your foot. In addition to this, invest in quality gear that is specific to your needs and the types of activities you will be doing. For instance, bulky sweatpants are not conducive to a spin class. Buy a pair of leggings or biking shorts so that you are comfortable and can get the most out of your exercise. You don’t have to buy the most expensive pieces out there, but investing in quality pieces will make all the difference in your journey to falling in love with getting fit.

Hire a professional

Personal trainers, instructors, and other fitness professionals are trained specifically to help individuals meet their goals. It can be intimidating walking in to a space for the first time and being clueless on where and how to start. Hiring someone knowledgeable in a specific area of fitness will relieve the stress of having to figure out this journey on your own. Also, having the encouragement and accountability of an outside source will help you stay positive on the days you may feel less than inferior. 

If you haven’t found the love of your fitness life yet, don’t give up on trying! Instead, start by loving yourself enough to invest in your health and happiness. You are worth it!