Faith in the 501

by Katelin Whiddon

I consider us a blessed community to have so many options for churches and faith-based organizations. I also know the importance of having your children involved in these activities from a young age to teach the foundations of faith and religion. I was brought up in a Christian family and was always at church when the doors were open. We try to have our children plugged in as they grow up also. 

Children are very impressionable and also have a much stronger faith than we as adults do. Children are able to hear and apply stories from the Bible and to believe without the skepticism adults often have.  Conway has a plethora of churches that offer services numerous days of the week to appeal to families with all different types of schedules. Many churches also have programs specifically for children to teach Biblical lessons they can apply to their daily life.

Conway has an amazing Christian bookstore in the Conway Commons with great tools for children. The staff is great at helping you find exactly what fits your child’s needs at the appropriate developmental level. Consider one of the children’s Bibles or a daily Bible lesson/devotion book for your child. Little Rock also has stores that have many of the same resources.

With so many children being plugged in with technology, parents may want to consider some videos/apps that are faith based also. Veggie Tales are great videos for children that are fun and energetic and also present great Biblical and life lessons as well.

The “Bible for Kids” app is a fun app with interactive Bible stories for children. They can tap on the words as well as images in the lessons to make them come to life, all while learning  some of the most popular Bible stories. There are many more great apps for children available – many of them for free, so be sure to check out your smartphone/tablet’s app store for more options.

With summer quickly approaching, churches all around the 501 will be offering Vacation Bible School.  These usually run through the week (some during the day and some in the evenings) and offer great Biblical lessons and give kids an opportunity for good, healthy fun. Many kids will even do numerous Vacation Bible School programs during the summer for greater opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment.

If you are still looking for options for your children and family to get involved in a church or another religious organization, you can call churches around the community to find their schedules and opportunities to fulfill your spiritual needs.